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Who is Kaloyan Petrov?

Leader, Manager & Coach

Started working when I was 16 years old. From Security Guard to Programmer and then Software Manager to a large number of teams. My various experience brought me to the belief that we can be everything we decide to be. I’ll show you my ways in The Omnipotent Growth community!

Armwrestling Champion

Athlete for about 21 years now! Martial Arts, Strongman and the last 12 years – Armwrestling Champion. I have deep knowledge of strength conditioning, supplements, and bioenergetics. Lot’s of value to be shared.


I’m really happy that I found my new favorite form of expressing myself. I will add weekly videos on YouTube, guiding you how to be everything you decide to be. I will bring various topics as “How I read 2 books a week ” to “My Huge Biceps Routine”. I also started open Q&A videos for the community!
Building our growing nation on
You Tube

I’m all in on bringing the people that want to grow in my YouTube community! I refuse to believe that there aren’t at least 100k people that don’t want to become stronger, brighter, more productive and better paid. For those people out there I say let us be everything we decide to be!