Mastery of peer pressure and social environment.

As Warren Buffet said: “Surround yourself with people you admire.”
The title itself says a lot as most of us want to be masters and we all suffer/or benefit from peer pressure by some form.

There are two main ways to find yourself successful when it comes to your social surroundings. Either you build your environment from scratch according to your vision, or you change the environment itself.

From my personal experience, I can state that the second one is way harder.
Therefore the fastest way is to proceed with the first, and after you manage to improve your surroundings drastically, you can think of further actions.

Why should you do it?

Let me give you an example of peer pressure.

When you are in a group of people that tend to complain a lot, and that is afraid of (or even aggressive to) change, you are stuck in a classic “Peer pressure” situation which wants you to conform.
Before you start defending your best friends and old high school pals, let me remind you that we were speaking mostly about the surroundings you maybe share or grew up Assist them to find. Maybe your location demanded that you communicate with a particular group of people, and in the long run it turned out they are not the best influence on you, but you stuck with the habit (We will discuss habits a lot in the future) to be a part of the “gang.” Well, this behavior may dramatically slow down your growth, this being career, mental and emotional.
Imagine this scenario:
Somebody invites you to a birthday party by a close friend, but you it happens that you don’t know anybody there. When you go inside you introduce yourself to a group that made a circle and is having a conversation. You are thinking “I will join to chat.” It sounds great, but it turns out that this conversation has nothing to do with you interests (some reality show for example). Suddenly you hear two people across the room speaking about something meaningful (Their businesses, the book that they are currently reading, the fun they had with their family hiking, etc.). So do you stay or politely excuse yourself as you go and meet the people you might have something in common summary?
That mental picture is the small scale of the everyday choices you have to make while building your surroundings.

On the other hand


When surrounding yourself with people that are with a friendly mindset and on their way to success or they already achieved it, all you can get is sympathy combined with personal experience and good advice… even free professional support.
If you introduce your latest business idea on a proactive meet up in front of  one or more people that you found true and goal oriented go-getters (as you are) this is what is going to happen:
You won’t hear how everything you plan or want is impossible and you should not even think about it, or how somebody did it already. Just the opposite, you will get encouragement and respect for actually being a doer and being able to pursue an actual goal. Any real peer pressure will be connected with the fact that those people might do more than you.

Building this circle may take months or years, but it will trigger an avalanche once you decide your surroundings should be with your mental state and positivity and the best part, you will improve while helping and encouraging the others to improve.

When you come this far

The only thing left is to target step two and help your closest friends escape the matrix and start persuading their greatness (Again, if this is even necessary in their case). Assist them to find a goal or something that would make them want more of life.
I’m sure you can notice some solid sides in your best friend that he may master into a large success with a given effort.
Finding a way to encourage and help them(or even collaborate), soon enough they will be returning the favor.

With that summary of the topic, I hope you find useful thoughts and rethink your environment.

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Kaloyan Petrov

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