Kaloyan Petrov

Experience:My Own Lifetime

Age:Born April 1989

Weight:~93 kg


Kaloyan Petrov

Growth & Self-Development Coach


  • Founder of Omnipotent Growth
  • Software Manager
  • Personal Growth & Development Coach
  • International Armwrestling Champion & Former Martial Arts Champion
  • President of Armwrestling Club Adrenaline

Long story short of what led to here:
I worked different part-time jobs since I was 16. While I was pushing through an Engineering degree, I survived four years of working in the Security Sector. After that, I was Coordinating 20+ Ph.D.’s in the Pharmaceutical Sector before I started programming.
There was the turning point since I pushed my limits and realized that I’m able to gain knowledge and practical skills with particular methods I’m perfecting to this very day. Concurrently I also created and became the President of Bulgarian Armwrestling Club Adrenaline – Sofia in 2009.
Today I’m a Software Manager with all this experience on top of over 20 years of high-level sports mentality. That combined grew the skills and knowledge that I want to share and Coach today.